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Harley Quinn & Deadpool Duo Cosplays: A Perfect Blend of Cuteness and Chaos

Deadpool and Harley Quinn are the cutest DC couple, and their cosplays demonstrate that.

Lovable and Crazy… is the best description of the relationship between Harley Quinn and Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool. They are both completely off the wall and far from the standard hero or even an anti-hero. This is part of the enjoyment. The comics are often zany, over the top, and lots of fun.

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In many ways, they’re the same type of character, just residing in different companies. It’s a pity that this is the case as they could have completely off-the-wall adventures together, and as the cosplay below shows that they look cute together as well.

Do you want to accept this rose?

Amid all the chaos, Wade is a true romantic who is willing to offer you the severed arm of a man, if he thought that it was something you would want. He’s offering a rose to Harley who wears the flamboyant version.

Santastic is a master at pulling off a look that isn’t often seen. Sp_cosplay, meanwhile, looks like he’s one of the stunt performers who went away from the set of the movie The quality of his costume is awe-inspiring.

The 9 People Most Excited to be Together

Both characters are more insane than they appear, however, beneath it all, they’re both huge goofballs. This is exactly the way they look, jumping into the air while gripping their hands.

With the two of them, there’s no telling what they’re doing, whether they are making a difference in the world or the fact that they’re getting chimichangas. The smile that is on Deadpool’s face, despite his wearing a mask is a tribute to Sp_cosplay’s talent as a cosplayer.

She was swept off her feet

Sauve might not be the word you’d choose to use to describe Deadpool however that’s precisely what he looks like here. He’s swooping down, and lifting Harley from her feet.

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However, the wacky look of his is still even more so when you take a look at the watch he wears. Sajalyn’s attire is much better than the Suicide Squad version. Everything from the tattoos to the streaked makeup is perfectly done.

7 Arkham Christmas

What’s better than one Harley? What’s more valuable than two Harleys? Sp_cosplay as usual, pulls off his cosplay but this time he mixes in the Santa hat. Not only are there two Harleys in the background, but they’re also wearing costumes from various Arkham games. The Arkham Knight has an extremely similar look to the game.

It’s incredible how she created the skirt both poofy and layered, considering it’s made of leather. You can imagine this as a perfect dream for Deadpool and running into every version of Miss Quinn imaginable.

6 Locked and 6 Loaded

If you meet people who share your interests it’s an exciting moment. The two of them are committed to violence and a lot of it. They are embraced like a comic version of Bonnie & Clyde, ready to go on a spree across the country and heaven may they save whatever villain that gets in their way.

From a distance, the prop is fake but it’s pretty nice. It looks like a real gun, even having many tiny ridges along the top and side.

5 The Deepest Love

The body language of Wellypool and Lilmissstrange666 is exactly as you would expect.

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It’s clear that they’re close to a kiss and it’s cute with couples. Wellypool deserves a lot of credit for his beaten-up and battered costume. It looks like he went to hell and back to get to this moment with Harley.

4 Boop

In a competition to see which is the more insane, Deadpool may end up winning. Only Deadpool would walk up to someone holding a baseball bat with stripes and then give them a boop as if it were an adorable dog.

It’s more impressive that the actor is holding a stuffed Unicorn. These small props are always a great option for a Deadpool costume. Harley appears to be unsure certain if she’s in love with her or is determined to beat him using whatever weapon she decides to use.

3 Heart Symbolism

They would be the types to cosplay as different heroes or characters, creating a kind of inception. We have it here with Big.Daddy.Quinn dressed as Harley and dressed as Spider-Man. Same is holding of Nerdmomma and Deadpool wearing Pinkie Pie.

It’s such a mix of characters that it does the same job as those vibrant pink Converse that Pool has on. The heart symbol that flashes is what makes it more appealing.

2 Happy-Go-Lucky Excitement

If they ever entered into an intimate relationship, you’d need to wonder which of them would break first, becoming bored of the antics of the other. This photo suggests that Harley will be the first one to break.

She appears to be so tired of Deadpool’s antics the moment she’s about to push him away. Deadpool, on the other hand, appears still as cheerful as ever. His hands are held towards his face as if he’s surprised Harley wanted a photo with him.

Return Here

They look gorgeous in green, even though they’re not in full costumes. Deadpool appears to have been caught in the photo op, both literally and figuratively while attempting to escape the scene.

The candy cane around Harley’s neck and the grin Harley wears will let you know it’s only the beginning of a fun-filled whole day Harley and her friend will have. The shirt looks like Deadpool! The little elf-like boots of Harley are just as cute!

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