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Stunning Armin Cosplays: 10 Attack on Titan Fans Perfectly Channel the Character

Armin is the friend from childhood of Eren in Attack on Titan, and fans all over the world are reimagining Armin because they are in love with Armin. Here are 10 awesome cosplays.

Armin is a childhood friend of Eren. He suffered the same suffering as Eren however, he was steady and composed. Armin is an extremely intelligent and sharp man. He was able to uncover several secrets, which resulted in prompt actions in the cases of Annie and Reiner.

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He’s now received an additional boost from the Colossal Titans. He’s as important as Eren and bears the weight of Erwin’s life on his shoulders. Anyone normal should be expected to have the same reactions as him in the same situation. People love him because he is transparent and real. All over the world, people cosplay him.

10 Nerdy Look

It’s just similar to Armin from the anime, adorable and nerdy. Mikasa, Eren and Armin were always the heroes. He was the one who protected Eren when his titanic power was discovered. Armin was the only rational person amongst all those who were scared of Eren.

sorry cosplay appears to be in love with him which is why he created this Armin cosplay so meticulously. His jacket, his hair as well as everything else is perfect. He may be reading a tourism book.

Nine Female Armin

Armin is the sole female character. He is attracted to Historia and is a model for her. This characteristic allows female and male cosplayers to cosplay him. In some cases, females are better at it.

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In this instance, LauzLanille, a woman, is cosplaying Armin with perfection. Her jacket is perfectly matched and her straps are positioned exactly. Her face already resembles Armin much and all she needed was a little makeup.

8 Lost In His Thoughts

Armin was uncompromising about wanting peace and hating conflicts. All of them caused him to suffer as seeing Eren die. The childhood friend who he dreamed to see the world together, had passed away and there was no way to fix it. The man was in a shaky state.

VicissiJuice embodies Armin’s pain in his cosplay. He’s looking at the sky, with blank eyes, and is reminiscing about the things he’s lost during his trip. The good news is that he was able to look out over the ocean.

Seven The Sadness is Overwhelming Him

Armin was a child who was optimistic with a lot of hopes and dreams. However, his life turned difficult from the moment Titans broke through Wall Maria. The only family he left was taken away to die by Titan’s hand. He wants to be happy and hopes to see the first springtime of his life, but the autumn never ends.

fungus, like other works, was inspired by Armin. He’s lost in his thoughts and looking out of the window. The autumnal shade of red represents the way he lives.

Imagine a dream about the ocean

Armin was shy, timid, and weak at the beginning But he broke out of his shell during his initial training. He’s now involved in all aspects of the game including killing Titans most of all the time. pollypwnz has put in a lot of effort so that his cosplay stands out from the crowd.

The mood and atmosphere of the film are great, despite the costume. Armin seems tired after reading those books. They are likely of the world outside the walls. And his long hairs stray from his original design but look good nonetheless.

5 Ready To Kill Some Titans

Attack on Titan costume designs is influenced by the fashion of real life. Aside from looking cool, the straps serve a secondary function. They also serve as support for the ODM equipment connected to them and it helps the user remain stable. The designers didn’t just add random items to make characters look cool.

Eren Jäger vs. Izuku Mdoriya: Which one would take the victory?

Francisco-the-bear was a great photographer here. He was in a position to capture exactly the scene and capture the details right.

4 Scared, But Concise

This is another great example of a female playing Armin. Ranmaru-Mori has done a great job in pulling off this Armin cosplay. She has also created complicated ODM equipment, which appears authentic. Wires and gas cylinders make us believe that she’ll make use of it at any moment.

The expression on her face is one of anxiety and doubt. She has gathered herself together to take on the Titans. It’s as if Armin was born.

Enjoying Fun with Everyone

What’s more awesome than the idea of an Armin cosplay? The scouts who are in cosplay as a group. Yamato–Taichou said that they shot these images at Sforza Castle in Italy. It appears to be the interior of the walls. Everyone is doing a silly pose. Sasha is always eating bread.

Reiner and Bertholdt have, for the first time, left Annie on her own. Levi prevented Mikasa from doing the house cleaning. The situation was fine until Annie began killing people.

The Complete Package

An Armin cosplay can be accomplished with just white shirts, jeans, and some straps. As seen in the previous entries. These costumes can be completed within 2 or 3 hours. But some want to create a unique cosplay like in this case. She made sure that she included every aspect such as his swords and ODM gear.

She truly has the right to label herself an Attack on Titan fan.

1 Armin And His Loved Horse

One thing that was not present in all of the costumes earlier was a horse. This was the case here. The customer first had to create the costume. And then she was required to learn to ride a horse. All in all, it took her a month to perfect this.

The work has paid off. The horse’s skin also matches the brown color of her jacket. A scout is nothing without its horse.

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