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Naruto Fans, Assemble: 10 Stunning Haku Cosplays to Discover

Haku has a gorgeous design that’s incredibly memorable. Here are 10 of the best cosplays Naruto fans must see.

Naruto has always been known for its unique and cool characters’ designs. Even if it’s been a long time since the last time one has watched the show, it’s almost impossible not to recall what characters such as Kakashi and Orochimaru appear like. It’s such a hallmark of the series that this can even apply to villains who stay for a couple of episodes, such as Haku.

Naruto The Ten Ten Ten cosplays that resemble Her

Hailing from the Land of Waves, as well being the first character in the series sporting an almost androgynous style, Haku has a gorgeous design that’s incredibly memorable. He shows that cosplayers can fall in love with characters even if they haven’t been around for a long period of time or aren’t considered heroes.

10 Forever Together

Haku’s unbreakable bond with Zabuza is among his most notable traits and one of the things that make him so beloved. Although it’s possible to think that Zabuza utilized Haku to get his unique bloodline characteristic without care for him, it’s shown prior to the two-pass that it was a beloved relationship.

Mylene-C did an absolutely wonderful job capturing both of the characters their personalities in this evocative photo, which is complemented by stunning background. The intense nature of Zabuza and Haku’s devotion are on full display, and they both look stunning.

The Flowers Among the 9

Haku was one of the more gentle characters from the series, even though he had to perform certain truly horrendous acts alongside Zabuza. Haku was given the opportunity to murder Naruto in his sleep, and then wipe out one of their biggest threats, but he hesitates because of the love that remains within his heart. This shot of persona_cosplay captures the emotions wonderfully as they gently place the flowers near their faces and their perfect smile toward the camera is amazing.

8 Beneath The Mask

Haku’s mask ends up being an integral component of his costume when he’s entrapped by Zabuza because it’s more easy for him to appear as his feminine-appearing self with no mask if his face is always kept hidden in combat. It makes sense, it helps keep people from revealing the identity of his character, and most important to cosplay aesthetics the mask is a cool visual design. The cosplay is shown both with the mask on and hidden behind it. Every aspect is fantastic.

7 Battle’s Aftermath

Haku’s unique and versatile skills allow his ability to save Zabuza in a myriad of near-death situations. The viewers can witness this on his very first appearance as Haku makes it appear as if he’s killed Zabuza but had really utilized his needles to place him in an incapacitated and death-like state which could be able to wake him from.

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With such abilities and Haku’s determination to ensure that Zabuza safe, it only makes sense that he’d be one to patch the swordsman up following a bloody battle. Haku’s devotion to Zabuza is perfectly captured in this photo by linalia7. Zabuza is also perfectly grumpy.

6 Icy Gaze

While Haku is a man with a heart as pure as snow falling when it comes to protecting Zabuza but that doesn’t mean that he could be compelled to do some pretty dark and deadly acts in his name without hesitation or doubt. The best way to show this icy side was with heavyy_rain’s cold look over his shoulder. The details of the wig and costume are stunning. His eyebrows also convey his character without having to say a word.

5 A Single White Rose

Haku’s original style was one of the most stunning, but glocckforall took it to an entirely new height with their gorgeous additions to his outfit. The smallest details on the wig are stunning, and his expression captures the gentle, somewhat difficult life he have to live from a very young age. The choice to add a white rose in his hands is a wonderful symbol, as white roses are a symbol of pure innocence, purity as well as grace and humility.

4 Deadly Duo

It’s unfortunate that Zabuza and Haku don’t get the time they deserve, considering how deadly they are as a pair. When they do get back for a short period of time, they’re animated and being completely manipulated. It’s great, then to witness the two’s original powerful bond recreated by cosplayers as talented such as sakurachan1228 or _elendine_ who masterfully pull off Haku and Zabuza and Zabuza, respectively. The costumes are stunning and the background is packed with detail.

Sharp Pose

Haku is a deadly force who is not to be underestimated, especially in situations involving Zabuza. Kaminari_cosplay manages to perfectly capture this more lethal side of him, as he carries Haku’s signature needles between his fingers.

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Every single part of the costume looks absolutely lovely Even the tiniest details are expertly nailed from the style of the wig. The backdrop of the series is also perfect, with its densely forested landscapes.

2 Appearances that deceive

Haku’s downright beautiful and innocent-seeming appearance is what allows him to possess such powerful information-gathering skills, and merciful_cosplay nails both aspects of Haku’s character perfectly. The details are amazing. His eyes recall what adversaries would be looking at when they’re about to be cut by needles. It’s hard to imagine Zabuza, who is always by Haku’s side.

1 Attack Stance

Deep-down, Haku is an incredibly gentle soul who was forced to become hardened at a young age due to the harsh reality of the world. Zabuza has changed his life completely and altered the way Haku saw things. Hobby.cos has captured the intense bond between the two, as well as the battle Haku will fight to protect his beloved. The details on his costume look incredibly gorgeous, and the description states that a lot of people recognized him, and that it was a huge relief that the majority of people still love this character from the past who was not given enough screen time.

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