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How a Pokémon Journeys Composer Abused His Power to Target Teenage Girls

In the Pokemon Journeys: Hidekazu Taka, the Series composer confesses his guilt to forcible impiety and details his other crimes.

Hidekazu Tanahaka, the Pokemon Travels composer has confessed his preying on teenage girls.

Otaku USA Magazine reported that the composer confessed in Tokyo District Court to numerous indecent acts. He confessed that he tried to coerce a teenage girl to sleep with him using “obscene language” in his attempts at seduction. He confessed then to offering money to her. Before grabbing the young girl. She contacted the police and was told that Tanaka was following the young girl. Tanaka stated that he loved her face and even her presence.

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The Composer Blamed the Work Stress for his Actions

Tanaka confessed more, discussing with Tanaka that it was not just this one girl he had preyed on. He claimed to have “spied on many women,” taken lewd photographs of himself in skirts, and even exposed himself at Yurakucho Station. He said that he was a bit nervous about the police catching him. He added that this was a way to “relieve anger” and “relieve work stress.” He would eventually be caught, and he was detained and charged on Oct. 24 with attempted forcible negroes.

The 35-year-old has enjoyed a long career within the anime industry. He composed two of the opening theme songs for Pokemon Journeys. He also contributed the theme to Uzaki Chan Wants To Stay! It was called the “Ichigo Ichie” celebration. Aikatsu!, Idoly Pride, The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, and the spinoff series Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon are some other titles that he has worked with. On the Side.

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Anime Franchises Separate Themselves from the Disgraced Komposer

Pokemon Journeys has now been removed from the credits. Also, the vocalists of Uzaki­Chan’s Ichigo Ichie Celebration, the virtual YouTuber Kano, as well Naomi Ozora who voices the titular character, have announced they will cancel the song’s release date. Kano’s official website stated that the piece was no longer being sold due to “various” reasons. Momo Asakura as the voice actor has removed “Day and Night Dream”, composed and arranged by Tanaka, from her setlist.

More developments in the case including his legal sentence will be announced soon.

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