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EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man and MJ Call It Quits While New York Descends into Chaos

Amazing Spider-Man is on a mission to discover the secrets behind Peter Parker’s disintegration, including Mary Jane’s relationship.

Amazing Spider-Man offers readers a glimpse into Peter and MJ’s tragic relationship.

Amazing Spider-Man #22, written by Zeb Welsh (New Mutants. Ant-Man.), and John Romita Jr. finds New York City in danger from Benjamin Rabin. He is an old enemy and close friend of Peter Parker. Rabin had dropped the once-happy couple into the middle of an apocalyptic city a year earlier. The issue shows them fleeing from a mosaic monster before being rescued and armored by a stranger who is as mysterious as they seem.

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  • Who is this mysterious person and what do they have anything to do about Mary Jane and Peter disappearing?
  • !32 PGS./Rated T…$3.99

Wells and Chris Bachalo created Amazing Spider-Man#555. In 2008, Rabin made his first appearance and unleashed a hoard of undead Mayan fighters to honor Wayep, the god of mischief. While Rabin was unable the first time around to take down Spider-Man, his latest return has seen him mark Peter as a sacrifice, though only in flashbacks.

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While Rabin is yet to be revealed the details of his latest actions, it is clear that their involvement is closely related to Peter and MJ’s decades-long love story. This theme has been a major focus of Amazing Spider-Man since the very beginning. These events not only ended Peter’s love life but also alienated Peter from his family and friends. Editor Nick Lowe observed, that the current storyline, which concludes in May’s Amazing Spider-Man #26 (but not before), will reveal everything that took place. Lowe also cautioned that readers might be crying. Zeb led me through the story.

Amazing Spider-Man #22, written by Zeb wells, with inks by Scott Hanna and Marcio many colors, and letters from VC’s Joe Caramagna. Romita Jr., Hanna, And Menyz provide the main cover art. Additional cover art can be found by Frank Martin Jr., Stefano Caselli, or Edgar Delgado. Amazing Spider-Man #22 is available from Marvel Comics.

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