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Shazam! Movie’s Crocodile Card Players Finally Get a Proper Storyline

Shazam! – The anthropomorphic crocodile man spotted in Shazam! David F. Sandberg, the film’s director plotted a prequel that would feature them in a single shot.

A spinoff story has been published that shows the crocodile men, briefly mentioned in 2019’s Shazam!, attempting to take control of the Rock of Eternity.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods Special Shazamily Matters #1 is an anthology single-shot written by the cast of the DC Film. It features the reptilian humans in “Crocodile Catastrophe,” which was written by the director of Shazam! Scott Kolins scripted and illustrated the films. The story is about the Shazam Family’s game of tag within the Rock of Eternity being abruptly interrupted by the Crocodiles. They break free and begin to cause sorcerous havoc.

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When the reptiles use magic scepters to turn the lightning-powered heroes into raging simians, crocodilian terror reigns over the world. The Shazam Family’s patron, the Wizard, intervenes and uses magic to transform the leading crocodile priestess into a new species. The priestess, with her higher intelligence, realizes violence is not the solution and transforms the Shazam Family back into normal.

Who Are The Crocodile Men Of Shazam

The three crocodiles, a reference to the humanomorphized reptiles Captain Marvel fought in his classic comics, first appeared near the end of Shazam. When Billy Batson and his family explored the Rock of Eternity’s doors. Each door led to another world. One of the doors lead to a strange realm in which a trio of suits-wearing crocodiles sat at a poker table. Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Shazamily Matters #1 shows that these “gentle-crocs”, who were planning an invasion, had the magical artifacts they needed to get through the other side of the door.

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Shazam! Fury of the Gods Special Shazamily Matters #1 includes stories by Zachary Levi and D.J. Cotrona. Colleen Doran. Freddie Williams II. Andrew Dalhouse. Dave Sharpe. Faithe Herman. Amanda Deibert. Josh Reed. Tim Seeley. Jorge Corona. Sarah Stern. Patrick Brosseau. John Kalisz. Ross Butler. Josh Trujillo. Wes Abbott. Grace Caroline Currey. Damian Fulton. Nick Filardi. Justin Birch. Adam Brody. Kenny Porter. Mike Norton. Allen Passalaqua. Ferran Delga. Cover and variant art for the one-shot comes from Alex Sinclair (SEN), Stephen Byrne, Logan Faerber, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Logan Faerber. Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Shazamily Matters #1 is on Sale Now from DC

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