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Latest Comics Update: Groot Becomes a Beastly Menace and a New Spider-Man Joins the Fray

Groot transforms into a gigantic monster and a brand new Spider-Verse superhero appears, Radiant black gets a huge 2023-themed event, and many other comics news this week.

Groot becomes a giant, murderous creature in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy trailer The new Spider-Verse hero emerges to fight Electro and more in this week’s comics news.

Join us as we continue to look over some of the biggest comics news stories to come out over the past week from publishers such as Marvel, Image Comics, and more. Here are the top seven comic news stories in the last seven days.

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  • Kim-Joy is a finalist on 2018’s Great British Bake Off and bestselling author of cookbooks, is writing her debut graphic novel, Turtle Bread: A Graphic Novel about Baking, Fitting In and the Power of Friendship. With illustrations created by Alti Firmansyah, Turtle Bread follows an individual named Yan who struggles to overcome her social anxiety after joining a new baking club. The graphic novel will be released digitally in the month of May 2023 on ComiXology and then in 2023 when it will be printed by Dark Horse Comics.
  • ECV Analog, Russ Burlingame, and Russ Burlingame have raised funds to write a book that explores the entire background of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. It includes interviews with the cast and crew of those who are involved in the successful CW show, Time To Be Heroes The Complete Unofficial Guide to Legends of Tomorrow is now being funded via Kickstarter.
  • Invincible‘s Robert Kickman is teaming with Lorenzo De Felici and Matheus Lopes for a brand-new Skybound series, Void Rivals that will introduce readers to a brand-new universe, and will debut on June 20, 2023. The publisher of the series said that Void Rivals will be an ongoing war that is raging in the Sacred Ring. This is where the last remnants from the two worlds were destroyed by a black hole. This is a perpetual conflict. Two competitors must join forces to escape from the desolate planet, where Darak and Solila pilot Darak and Solila, pilot Darak the other. Are they the only ones on this mysterious planet?” And what dark forces will they encounter that threatens the universe?”

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First Guardians of the GalaxyTrailer Transforms Groot Into the Monster

  • The first trailer of Marvel’s new Guardians of the Galaxy series is out. It shows Groot becoming a terrifying huge monster that could threaten the entire Marvel Universe.
  • Marvel revealed the teaser for their new Guardians of the Galaxy series, “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 introduces an overwhelming new cosmic threat to the Marvel Universe which emerged from the very heart of the team: GROOTFALL. The mysterious event will propel Marvel’s beloved group of intergalactic superheroes into the Manifold Territories: an uncharted, lawless area of Marvel space that is filled with previously unexplored planets and unknown alien species.”
  • Guardians of the Galaxy#1 was released on April 12, 2023, by Marvel

Marvel Readies for Grootfall With New Variant Series

  • In addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, Marvel also put out a new version of the series celebrating the upcoming title and Groot’s forthcoming solo series which is the work of writer Dan Abnett and artist Damian Couceiro.
  • Marvel’s Stormbreakers Class 2023 has created new covers that celebrate Groot’s Big Year! The publisher wrote about the series. “See Groot in all of his sizes and shapes. an aid to the X-Men and Avengers in these gorgeous pieces that will grace Marvel’s most popular titles through April.”
  • The series includes variants for Avengers: War Across Time #4 by Chris Allen (on sale April 5, 2023), Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 by Martin Coccolo (on sale April 5, 2023), Captain Marvel #48 by Elena Casagrande (on sale April 12, 2023), X-Men #21 by Nic Klein (on sale April 12, 2023), Captain America: Symbol of Truth #12 by C.F. Villa (on sale April 26, 2023), Doctor Strange#2 by Lucas Werneck (on sale April 26, 2023), Invincible Iron Man#5 by Federico Vicentini (on sale April 26th, 2023) and Sins of Sinister: Dominion#1 by Jan Bazaldua (on sale April 26, 2023).

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The Spider-Verse is invaded by a futuristic Spider-Man

  • Releasing on April 12, 2023, Marvel’s Voices: Spider-Verse will introduce a brand new Spider-Man character known as Recluse. The novel written by Cheryl Lynn Eaton and artist Julian Shaw is set in an alternate future that will see Recluse fighting Electro who has taken over all of the world’s power and has enslaved everyone to darkness.
  • A separate story within Marvel’s Voices: Spider-Versefrom writer and artist Jason Loo will also introduce readers to Spider-Friend, a new hero who comes from a WandaVision-like part of the multiverse. It’s packed with laugh tracks and was filmed in front of an audience in a live studio.
  • Miles Morales, Spider-Punk, Web-Weaver, and many more will have their own Marvel’s Voices: Spider-Versestories. Cody Ziglar and Jeremy Holt are also involved in the anthology. Leinil Francis Yu is the cover, as do variant covers by Phil Jimenez, Inhyuk Lee, and John Giang.

Radiant Black’s Massive Verse Heads to War

  • Image Comics has announced that the company will launch a brand new Massive-Verse event dubbed “The Catalyst War” which will begin in July 2023. The story was published on July 19’s Radiant Black#25 and is written by Kyle Higgins (Joe Clark), and Eduardo Ferigato. Raul Angulo, Marcelo Costa, Raul Agulo, Raul Angulo Becca Carey, and Marcelo Costa.
  • Image Comics released a teaser video, in which Higgins says that Catalyst “is the machine empire which ties to with the Radiants,” Higgins said. What is their larger role in the universe?” What is the signs of the radiants to them? What will this mean for Nathan, Marshall, and Earth when Catalyst appears to seize what is theirs? Nathan, Marshall, and the rest of the group will learn the truth about the Radiants to which they have been synchronized, fight with gods of the cosmic realm, and be forced into more difficult decisions that could impact the lives and the future of billions.

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Artist Olivier Coipel Readies for Spider-Man’s Most Shocking Issue in 50 Years

  • Marvel has announced a new variant cover by Olivier Coipel, Amazing Spider-Man#25.
  • Amazing Spider-Man#25 has been teased by Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. as the “most shocking issue of Amazing Spider-Man in 50 years.” While the specifics are being kept private at this time, Romita Jr.’s main cover as well as the story arc of the series hint that Mary Jane Watson could be at the center of the “shock.”
  • The synopsis for Amazing Spider-Man#25 is to be released on May 10, 2023. It states “The past meets the present in this epic and historical 25th issue!” Your heart isn’t ready for this one.”

Ninja Turtles and Street Fighter Clash in New Art

  • Artist Ariel Medel showed off some new artwork from IDW’s coming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vs. Street Fighter crossover series.
  • Written by Paul Allor, with art by Medel and colors by Sarah My. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Street Fighter is the title of a miniseries that spans five issues set to debut in the month of May 2023. IDW declared that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arrive in Atlantic City to participate in a prestigious fight tournament. But they quickly encounter the Street Fighter(TM)….and their famous Psycho Fighting Forms that are powered. Both teams fight immediately, eager to demonstrate their fighting skills and demonstrate their fighting prowess. The tensions are already high, and tensions escalate as both teams are involved in mysterious disappearances which plague the city. Could the tournament’s mysterious patron be the culprit?”
  • “My head hasn’t stopped exploding since they offered me the project,” Medel said when the series was announced. “Not just because these characters have affected me in a variety of ways since their first appearances, and also due to the fact that they’re such famous! It’s special because I have also watched films as well as playing games. This crossover is one of my favorites and it’s awe-inspiring to draw both properties in one comic.

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