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Breaking News: Sydney Sweeney Takes on the Role of Spider-Woman in Madame Web

Sydney Sweeney (Madam Web) is reportedly playing Julia Carpenter, in the new Sony Spider-Man Universe film.

Euphoriastar Sydney Sweney is now rumored to be the lead character in the forthcoming Sony Spider-Man Universe film Madame Web.

Jeff Sneider (HTMOTH0_ Podcast) says Sweeney is the “second” Spider-Woman. Marvel Comics’ second-in-continuity Spider-Woman (aside from Jessica Drew) was Julia Carpenter. Julia’s involvement with Sony’s Madame Web Film is noteworthy because she has succeeded Cassandra Webb.

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Madame Web will is released in theaters next Tuesday, February 2, with production having finished this past January. Dakota Johnson portrays the clairvoyant named after him, and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #210. Sweeney was also cast in Madame Web, but his role is not known. It was unclear until now which Madame Web Johnson role would be played — Cassandra Webb, or Julia Carpenter. Sneider has confirmed that Sweeney plays Julia.

Who is Marvel’s Julia Carpenter and What Are Their Secrets?

Created by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck, Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman made her first full appearance in 1984’s Marvel Super Heroes #7. Julia wore a black-and-white outfit that was the inspiration for Peter Parker/Spider-Man symbiote suit. (which the original wall-crawler had in Secret Wars#8). Julia later became Arachne in Ms. Marvel in 2006, and then eventually took up the title of Madame Web with Amazing Spider-Man #637.

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Sneider’s report states that Julia Carpenter will be making her live-action movie debut in Mrs. Web, which hits theaters next year. She will however make her big-screen appearance in the much-anticipated animated film Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse. It opens this coming June. Jessica Drew (Marvel’s original Spider-Woman) is one of the major characters in the Spider-Verse saga. The film’s official poster confirms Julia Carpenter’s Spider-Woman appearance.

Madame Web enters Spider-Verse

Johnson and Sweeney were not the only actors in Sony’s Madam Web film. They also starred Emma Roberts (Sony), Celeste O’Connor (Sony), Tahar Rahim and Mike Epps, and Zosia Mate. According to a Sony/Marvel official synopsis, the film will be about the origin story of the clairvoyant. Her psychic abilities enable her to see in the spider world.

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Sweeney appears to be making a name for itself in the world of comic-book adaptations at Sony. Sweeney has been attached to play the role of the main character in Madame Web. Paramount Pictures has previously released a Barbarellafilm featuring Jane Fonda. This was in 1968.

Madame Web opens to the public in theaters on February 16, 2024.

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