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One Piece Anime Goes on Hiatus with a Flaming Preview Clip

One Piece’s most recent episode announces a temporary hiatus, with the announcement that the anime series won’t be back until March 19.

The ongoing anime adventures at One Piece are going to experience a slight delay. We will then sail back in March for fans.

After the episode “Sanji’s Mutation — The Two Arms in Crisis!” was released Sunday, February 26, an official preview of the next installment debuted on the show’s YouTube channel. It featured Episode 1054 and news that the series was returning to television after a three-week hiatus. Sunday’s episode ended on an abrupt note as Queen and Sanji engaged in a fierce battle. The episode was titled “Death of Your Partner!” Killer’s Deadly Gamble

One Piece Episode 1054 Trailer

The preview video for One Piece Episode 1054 is about Killer and Eustass Kid, who find themselves on the losing end against Big Moms’ and Hawkins. Killer’s attempt to save Captain Kid and defeat his enemies is highlighted in the preview. The kid was accidentally brought to death by Hawkins through a spell.

Eiichiro Oda wrote the manga. Weekly Shonen Jump has published the manga since 1997. Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of the franchise. He leads the Straw Hat Pirates crew on a quest for the legendary One Piece, the treasure that was once held by Pirate King Gol D Roger.

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Toei Animation’s anime has been produced since 1999. It has produced over 1000 episodes in 15 movies. The most recent movie was One Piece Cinema: Red which saw the franchise reach the highest box-office numbers in its history. Oda has a Guinness World Book of Records listing for the most comic-book series issues published by one author.

Crunchyroll offers complete anime as a streaming service. Netflix also hosts the One Piece Stampede documentary and an upcoming One Piece TV series. The next episode is scheduled to be broadcast on March 19, 20,23. While you wait, the Toriko-x Dragon Ball Z crossover will air an English dub on Toonami.

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