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Is Madara’s reanimation in Naruto a major flaw in the storytelling?

There are many plot holes in Naruto, but Madara’s reanimation is the most important.

Naruto is a shonen masterpiece, but it has many plot holes. Madara Uchiha is perhaps the most controversial villain. Some like him for his incredible strength, while others hate how easily he was used to killing thousands of people to achieve what he believed was the greater good. It is confusing that Masashi Kishimoto created Madara as a genius character, only to have him played so easily by Zetsu. However, the plan to cast Infinite Tsukuyomi has so many logical inconsistencies, that his reasoning stopped making sense.

It would have been more logical to portray Madara as an evil person intent on destroying the world. However, the series has made it a tradition to give villains a tragic backstory to motivate them and gain sympathy from viewers. His reanimation seems even more absurd, despite the many problems plaguing him (including the fact that he was not the series’ last villain). It may be the greatest loophole in the series.

How did Madara come back from the dead?

Kabuto Yakushi did a forbidden Jutsu to revive Madara and thousands more fallen Shinobi. His strength was so great that even a reanimated corpse could not match his power, and entire Shinobi armies were unable to stop him. Madara made Obito perform the Rinne Jutsu to bring him back to life. He not only gained a new body but also took his Rinnegan back, making him the most powerful enemy in the war zone. The Five Kages combined strength couldn’t even touch the strongest Uchiha ever.

What was the Plot Hole? Was it Resolved?

All of the characters who died were reanimated with a forbidden Jutsu. Their reanimated versions are the same age as their deceased counterparts. Madara, however, was over 100 years old at the time he died. However, he was reanimated in his younger self (roughly in his 30s). His strength was restored after he was revived. Madara also had the same Rinnegan eyes that he awoke shortly before his death.

Madara could not have caused so much destruction if he was in an old man’s body. However, to make him more frightening, he had the body of a young man. This unusual phenomenon was not explained by the series, so it’s reasonable to consider it a plot hole.

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