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From Emerald Guardian to Scarlet Speedster: DC’s Surprising Evolution of a Major Green Lantern Character

Flash’s speedster capabilities in Lazarus Planet Omega give Flash Jordan temporary access. Hal Jordan immediately uses them against King Fire Bull.

The following contains spoilers from Lazarus Planet. Omega #1, is now on sale at DC Comics.

Hal Jordan briefly reaches Flash at a faster speed than due to the spellbound storms plaguing Earth in Lazarus Planet Omega#1.

The volatile nature storms disrupt magic and throw metahuman powers out the window. Earth’s heroes against Fire Bull find their powers vanish suddenly and are replaced with new abilities from other heroes.

Hal is quick to adapt to the speedster’s abilities and gives up his Power Ring attacks to vibrate with high frequency. This produces a whirlpool that knocks King Fire Bull out of his grasp. “Ha!” Hal exclaims. “I’ve been watching Flash do it for many years!” Hal exclaims. I’ve always wanted this to happen!

Flash suddenly gains super strength which he uses in order to face King Fire Bull. Other heroes don’t respond as well to their new powers. Superman or Jon Kent for example find their minds overwhelmed by the psychic abilities of Martian Manhunter.

Flash is not just fast.

DC’s Flashes can tap into the Speed Force to unlock a range of abilities. These abilities include running through time, flying with your legs rotating at supersonic speeds, and turning velocity to infinite body mass to deliver punches as heavy as a white dwarf star. This is a technique Barry Allen has used in Dark Crisis#1 in knocking the Antimonitor across all of the multiverses. Similar to Green Lantern’s ability to build structures by concentrating in a Power Ring. The Flashes have also been able to generate costumes using Speed Force energy.

Lazarus Planet is a collection of seven comics and nine tie-ins. It explores the strange new powers that metahumans on Earth are now tasked with. These include Lazarus Planet Alpha: Assault on Krypton; We Once Were Gods; Legends Reborn; Next Evolution, Dark Fate, and Omega.

Lazarus Planet Omega by Mark Waid. Mike Perkins illustrated the book, Riccardo Federici colored the pages, and Brad Anderson lettered. One shot contains a main cover designed by Alejandro Sanchez as well as a variant cover by Edwin Galmon. Riccardo Fenici, Bernard Chang. Helene Lenoble. Tiago D Silva, Felipe Massafera. Jen Bartel. Ben Oliver. Ariel Colon. Lazarus Planet Omega is now on sale from DC.

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