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Dragon Ball Super’s Forgotten Foes: The Pilaf Gang’s Secret Schemes Revealed

The Pilaf Gang is now closer to their old selves. They have not been open about this, however.

Recent developments in the Dragon Ball Super manga’s Super Hero Saga have seen a major shift. Because of this, all of the children are now looking like teenagers. This includes Goten, Trunks, as well the Pilaf Gang. Three of these five individuals should be raising eyebrows within the Dragon Team.

Despite antagonizing Dragon Team in previous years, the Pilaf Gang went unrecognized through Dragon Ball Super. It was one to turn them into children. Now that they are grown up, however, they should start to look more like the people they used to be. There may be a few options to help answer the question of whether or not the Dragon Team has responded to any threat from the Pilaf Gang.

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How should Dragon Team respond to Pilaf Gang?

Only a few people would be able to recognize the Pilaf Gang, but that’s fair. Bulma Oolong Yamcha Yamcha Puar and Bulma were part of the original Dragon Team. Piccolo Jr. may be familiar with them since King Piccolo was a member of their Dragon Team, but he hasn’t personally met them. Chi-Chi may have met them in the anime. Other than these two people, the Dragon Team never met with the Pilaf Gang.

It was only natural that no one knew who the Gang was when they were introduced to them in the God of Destruction Beerus Saga. In addition to the fact it had been more than twenty years since their last encounter with each other, the Gang had since become children. Even if these children appeared familiar, it was impossible to understand how they became children after so long.

in “Future” Trunks Saga was the first opportunity anyone had to recognize any of these kids. Future Mai arrived in the past looking exactly the same as her adult self. Bulma might have recognized Mai at that point but didn’t say much in light of her friendship with Trunks.

Beyond that arc, most Dragon Team members had excuses for not being able to recognize the Pilaf Gang. Goku wouldn’t be able to remember them because DBS has lowered him down. Yamcha Puar and Oolong haven’t had any chance to recognize them since they’ve barely been mentioned in the story. Bulma, who is intelligent enough and has spent a lot of time with them, doesn’t have any excuses for forgetting these three.

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Bulma does Bulma not recognize the Pilaf Gang of Women or Does she Just Not Care?

Bulma seems to recognize Pilaf. However, Bulma doesn’t view him as a serious threat. He even works with her gang. If they cause any trouble, she calls them out quickly and puts an end to it. They don’t need to be worried about them even though they are visible and can recall the start of Dragon Ball.

So, the Pilaf Gang that was once so prominent has faded into near-obscurity. Bulma’s close monitoring of the situation may prevent them from gathering the Dragon Balls and doing something dangerous. The trio has successfully integrated themselves into the main cast. They show little sign of causing any major trouble. Even if people knew the names and accomplishments of these three men, it wouldn’t be worth it.

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