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Voldemort Had a Formidable Foe in Harry Potter’s Most Powerful Wizard

Many wizards and witches are experts in one particular area of Harry Potter. But there is only one wizard that can master all aspects of Harry Potter and beat Voldemort.

It’s crucial to consider the ongoing controversial statements from the person who created the Harry Potter franchise. CBR is a big supporter of the hard work of industry professionals on properties that fans love and know and the wider world of Harry Potter that fans have taken on as their own. You can read CBR’s continuous coverage of Rowling here.

The Harry Potter franchise is filled with a myriad of wizards and witches whose capabilities are significantly higher than their immediate peers. It could be the fame of Dumbledore as being the only wizard Voldemort was afraid of or the power of Gellert Grindelwald about seventy years previously, certain magicians are different from the rest. Merlin is one of the first examples. His talents in particular areas were only matched by his mastery of the art. This is so to an extent that he’s the only person who can rightly say he would be able to defeat Voldemort — and does so quite quickly.

While he was born 1000 years before the events in the Harry Potter series in the year 982, his influence is still evident in the movies and the books. Alongside the significant advantage of appearing on a chocolate-frog-themed card in addition to the likes of Dumbledore as well, he is the recipient of the Order of Merlin award. This award, granted by Wizengamot (an older organization that is older than the Ministry of Magic), is awarded to individuals who perform extraordinary acts of courage and surpass the norm. It’s not even the first sign of the power Merlin had over the Wizarding World throughout its history.

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Merlin was a Slytherin with unusually progressive views

Merlin was a student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry shortly after its founding and got separated into Slytherin House. There is a legend that says he utilized an English Oak wand to make excellent progress in his school studies. Merlin left the school and joined the Court of King Arthur. He was a friend of Sir Cadogan and was able to be part of the Knights of the Round Table. It was in this position that he became particularly notable for his relationship with Morgan le Fay, often called Morgana, a dark witch of significant strength.

He was very different from other Slytherins at the time because he was a great believer in the rights of muggles to live peacefully with wizards. He also believed that witches and wizards should help muggles progress. To this end he founded the first Order of Merlin, which promoted muggle rights and created laws that prohibited the use of spells on them or when they are present.

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Voldemort might be overwhelmed by Merlin’s vast magical knowledge

Their significant legacy of Merlin is his proficiency in a variety of types of magic. He was a master of charms and earned the title Prince of Enchanters. He also excelled in dueling, herbology, magical wands, and spell creation and also in fighting the Dark Arts, all of which made him one of the best-rounded magic users of his time or any other.

Merlin had a distinct advantage over other dark wizards like Grindelwald, Voldemort, and Grindelwald because he was able to comprehend ancient magic, a much more potent type of spell casting. Although it is not clear whether he could have used this type of magic in the same way he could, there is ample evidence that suggests that the wizard did. As players of the newly released Hogwarts Legacy will have witnessed, magic from the past can destroy even the strongest of foes with just one power.

Although they never met face-to-face, however, the passage of time prevented them from getting together. But, it’s possible to conclude that any wizard with the same know-how as the first could be able to defeat Voldemort in a duel. The Dark Lord’s singular concentration on dark arts and advancing his power led to numerous gaps in his understanding. This was apparent when he did not acknowledge the love of Harry’s mother and protection. Merlin is the only person that could gain from this.

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