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Deadly Spinoff Teased in John Wick 4’s Post-Credits Scene

There’s a terrifying post-credits scene after John Wick Chapter 4 which promises a different terrifying mission of revenge might be coming up.

This is a spoiler-filled review of John Kane Chapter 4. In theaters now

As Chad Stahelski’s John Wick Chapter 4 unfolds, Keanu Reeves’ titular assassin finds himself facing the full fury of the High Table for breaking its rules regarding Continental ground. This leads to villains such as Donnie Yen’s Caine and Shamier Anderson’s Mr. Nobody coming after him. Caine is the latest victim of a huge bounty. But this time, it has a twist.

Caine is hunting his friend due to the Table through the Marquis (Bill Skarsgard), which has forced Caine to take on the job. If he doesn’t take it the blind assassin’s child, Mia will be killed. Both John and Caine can escape their servitude by the end of John Wick4. However, there’s a post-credits scene that doesn’t focus solely on John but is connected to Caine and creates a new blood conflict.

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John Wick 4’s Caine Broke Akira’s Family

In John Wick 4, Caine’s forced to stay away from Mia as he attempts to escape from the assassin life, nodding to John’s problems in the past. To save his daughter as well as himself, Caine pursues John. He also kills Hiroyuki Snada’s Koji in Osaka. As Caine takes over their Japan hotel the Table’s soldiers attack Koji’s fierce daughter, Akira (played by Rina Sawayama).

Caine isn’t leaving her alive, but he thinks of his daughter. It’s not bitter, but it’s mercy. Caine even told her that he would see her soon. He knows that retribution is on its way after his reluctant kill. If Akira parts ways with John afterward, she warns him if he doesn’t kill Caine and she’ll do it as she lacks that bond and camaraderie that these men had in the common back.

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John Wick 4’s post-credits teases Akira’s Revenge

Akira’s fury is brought full circle in John Wick4‘s post-credit infuriating clip, where Caine is seen trying to give flowers to Mia who plays the violin on stage. Akira is eager to bond with her but the clip shows him wearing a hood, and then cleverly blending into her, before advancing with a knife. The video ends with another fierce rivalry. Once more, it’s all about tragedy and loss, echoing the way John lost his wife. However, this time it’s a daughter that is stripped of the father who was a hero, loyal and loving dad.

Although it’s indeed unfair to Akira since it’s all consequences of selfless Koji helping John and her family — something she warned him of. Koji was pretty stubborn, however, and gave in to his ego when he refused to accept Caine’s invitation to quit the fight. But, Akira doesn’t care about the situation — she’s only looking to get revenge. Akira can make use of her archery skills as well as a knife to kill Caine. This could lead to Mia being able to follow her, reminding fans of the cycle of violence that exists in the world. Two young women driven by revenge can be able to bring a feminist viewpoint to the Johnwick series, and fans will be amazed at what Mia can accomplish.

You can use Caine to benefit yourself. This could help Akira remove herself from the High Table. Since Koji broke the rules as well, the Table would have Akira at its beck and call determined to have her pay raised for her services as the concierge. Caine may be motivated by guilt and try to accomplish the same thing John did to the council before Akira and he settled their rivalry. This could be an acknowledgment to John Wik 4 with John’s assistance and help to end their fight for freedom from The Table. In this instance, Caine could work to eliminate the secret society that will forever be watching him and Mia and, in the end,, fight one final time that will see him and Akira decide who gets the ultimate happy ending.

See how Akira’s fate unfolds in John Wick: Chapter 4, now in theaters.

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