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Rie Takahashi’s Hygiene Advice for Her Concertgoers Sparks Mixed Reactions

VA Rie Takahashi reminds the fans to take good care of their hygiene and to bathe before going to her concert.

“P.U.!” Rie Takahashi is a voice actor who hopes that fans don’t say it when they leave her first concert.

According to Anime Senpai, Takahashi, a Japanese voice actor, was present at her first concert in Japan, “Rie Takahashi 1, st life,” on February 26th, 2023. Takahashi took advantage of Twitter to plead with her followers to clean their hands before they came.

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Takahashi Wanted to Make Everybody Feel Happy

Some fans found Takahashi’s advice offensive. She made it clear that they would take regular bathtubs. Takahashi did not need to remind people about the importance of taking care of their body odor. Others saw it to be a show of Takahashi’s kindness. She cared about her audience and how they felt. Fans were reminded by Takahashi to take care of their hygiene and to bring their tickets, wallets, and phones.

The hundreds of bodies that are packed together in tightly-knit spaces like concert halls and concerts can make people sweat. This causes them to exude a lot of body odor which can put a damper on their experiences. Takahashi, one of many, is taking measures against a stinky body. K-Pop concerts that have larger venues often provide deodorants to their fans. A few anime conventions remind their attendees to take a shower.

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Takahashi has opened themes for several anime series, including Girl Gun Lady (I’m the Villainess), So I’m Taming the End Bosss (I’m Taming the Ultimate Boss) and I’m the Villainess (So I’m Taming the Finest Bosss). A-Sketch was her first label and she debuted solo in February 2021. Takahashi’s debut album, “Tomei na Fusen,” reached the top 18 on the Oricon charts. The voice actor is Tomo Aizawa’s character in Tomo-chan, Sugar Peas, and Pepper from Urusei Yatsura.

Crunchyroll allows you to stream most of Takahashi’s work.

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