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How to Wear a Cosplay Wig?


Wig styling is an integral part of cosplay. Fictional characters often have unrealistic hair expectations that only a wig can fulfill. Plus, the perfect wig can completely alter your appearance to help transform into the character. Using your own hair can work, but a wig is recommended because it will stay styled, look polished, and reduce your hair damage.

How to Wear a Cosplay Wig?

Must-Have Products for Wig Styling

Essential tools for wig styling include a wig head/stand, sharp shears, combs in various sizes, a hairdryer, stronghold freeze spray, flat iron with multiple settings, hair clips, mini rubber bands, various sizes of hair rollers, hairpins, wig clips, quilting pins or T-pins, tacky glue, needle and thread, and of course, patience!

Tips for Cutting a Wig

When cutting a wig, it’s important to use sharp shears and avoid overdoing it. Techniques for creating shape in a wig include feather cuts or point cuts to avoid a blunt and chunky look. Always try your wig on and use clips to mark your desired length.

Straightening or Curling a Wig

Before straightening or curling a wig, always check if the wig fibers are heat resistant. If they are, you can use curlers or curling iron, but remember to wait until the fibers have completely cooled so they hold the shape.

Managing Flyaways

To manage flyaways, use hairspray to keep them down. Smooth the fibers with your fingers or a fine-tooth comb, then hit it with freeze spray. You can also clip them away with your scissors.

Combining Wigs for Cosplay

When combining wigs, try them on first and ensure they’re from the same company so the sizing will be similar. Mark where you would like to cut your wigs and where you would like your second wig to start. After cutting, stitch them together securely with good thread.

Creating a Widow’s Peak for a Wig

Creating a widow’s peak for a wig can be achieved by creating or buying lace front wigs. This process requires Swiss lace, a ventilating tool, and additional fibers. It involves individually tying hairs in the lace to create a more natural-looking hairline.

Keeping a Wig in Place

To keep a wig in place, use a wig head that is the same size as your head. A wig stand is also an excellent investment. When pinning lace front wigs to a wig stand, place a piece of bias tape over the lace and then pin to keep the lace from tearing as you style.

Putting a Wig On and Securing It in Place

Before putting a wig on, prepare your hair by flattening it as much as possible. Once your hair is ready, hold the wig from the front, and slide it on starting from the back. Line the wig up in the back and front before fully pulling it on. If you have a lace front, you may need to put the wig glue/ wig tape on first before putting on your wig.

Detangling a Wig

To detangle a wig, start from the end of the hair and carefully detangle without pulling the fibers too much. Once you have removed most of the tangles, you can use a wide-tooth comb to finish the job.

How to Wear a Cosplay Wig?


Wig styling can be a fun and creative part of your cosplay journey. With these tips and tricks, you can transform your cosplay look and bring your favorite characters to life. So go ahead, give wig styling a try!

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