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Gender-Bending Cosplay Brings The Boys’ Homelander to Life in a Whole New Way

The Boys’ Twitter account enjoys an ideal gender swapping Homelander the murderous leader of the Seven and the one who can do whatever he likes.

The Boys gives this gender-swapped Homelander cosplay its seal of approval.

A cosplayer who goes by the handle @itsbellaxrose on Twitter posted photos of her dressed as leader the Seven, the main antagonist of the Prime Video superhero series. She captioned her post with “I’m the Homelander and I’m able to do whatever f*ck I need to,” a nod to one of the show’s most well-known lines from the show. The kids liked the tweet, but it was also noticed by the “world’s most powerful superhero”.

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Then, she posted her costume from her homeland with the caption “You guys are the true heroes,” another famous phrase used by Antony Starr. The post was noticed by Starr, who liked the post. This cosplay includes all of Superman’s similar features, including his blue suit, striped red-and-white cape, and red gloves, collars that have gold accents, and golden eagle shoulder pads.

Homelander was created by creators Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson for The Boys comic series, which was first published by WildStorm Productions and later by Dynamite Entertainment. While he’s mentioned in the title’s initial issue, Homelander makes his first appearance fully in The Boys #3. The comics depict brutality and violent ways through illustrations of various crimes. ), but the Prime Video series’ adaptation has given him a fair share of brutal moments.

Homelander The show, which Homelander is a part of in the show, raped Becca (Shantel vanSanten) who is the wife of Billy Butcher. In the comics, he is later proved innocent. Before Season 3 in which he employs his heat vision to murder one of the main executives of Vought International (the company responsible for making superheroes and enabling their destructive habits) Then, he allows a plane full of civilians collide with the sea and then murders a bunch of Vought soldiers and even more. The latest season ups the ante by turning the character into a “homicidal maniac” as per the show’s creator Eric Kripke, and Homelander is seen threatening the suicide of a person in an apparent twist on All-Star Superman as well as murdering other supes and claiming control over Vought, just to name some of his actions during the season.

The cosplayer is active on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok under the same username for every platform (@itsbellaxrose). Prime Video now offers Seasons 1, and 2, as well as the initial six T He Boys episodes. New episodes are released on a Friday.

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