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Off-Track Antics: A Humorous Cosplay Tribute to Zoro’s Legendary Lack of Direction

Cosplayer Roronoa Zoro is a dedicated cosplayer who becomes lost trying to find One Piece Film: Red.

It is a well-known fact that Roronoa Zoro has a horrible sense of direction. And an upcoming cosplay celebrates the character’s quirk as well as the debut of One Piece Film: Red.

The anime-accurate cosplay shows the cosplayer asking the movie theater employee to direct him in the direction of the Film Red screening. In defiance of the directions of the worker, the cosplayer goes to the wrong theater and emerges just a few seconds later, looking frustrated. The video concludes with Zoro-cosplayer taking a break to relax.

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The 15th installment within the One Piece franchise, Film Red was released in Japan in August. It will be released in most Western markets this month. While early versions of the movie featured the story of a prison break that focused on saving Bonkurei from the New Impel down,’ Film Red tells the story differently. The Straw Hat Pirates are taken to the Island of Music by Luffy and his childhood companion Uta. Luffy is a stunning singer who wants to aid others. It appears to be a noble cause. Her real plan closely resembles that of two of the most famous villains from anime/manga.

Film Red has proven itself to be a box-office monster. The movie has already grossed more than 17 billion yen (roughly $122 million) and is Japan’s top-grossing film. Film Red, alongside other classics such as Ponyo, and Spirited Away, remains a top-earning film in Japan.

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One Piece Beyond the Screen

In addition to the hilarious cosplay and Western release of Film Red, there have been many other developments within One Piece’s series. In particular, the clothing company VANS will soon launch a clothing line that is inspired by the popular pirate show. The line will include clothing, shoes, hoodies as well as other merchandise. The items will feature diverse One Piece icons like the Straw Hats’ Jolly Roger or Wanted Posters.

S and PC. One Piece Odyssey According to the description, “transports the Straw Hat Crew on a mysterious new Island, where they begin their missions and battle powerful enemies.

One Piece Film tickets in red are available to purchase on Fandango.

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