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Hitting the High Notes: One Piece Enthusiast Nails Uta Cosplay Performance

One Piece Film: Red’s phenomenal success is celebrated by an accomplished fan who jams as Uta to the music of the film.

One elated One Piece fan performs their best impersonation of the pirate-pop star Uta.

In two clips posted on TikTok, cosplayer Tsukiko Ichinose rocks out to the music from One Piece Film: Red with an amazingly precise Uta costume. The cosplayer isn’t only an anime icon with hair that is two-toned. TikTok also has videos featuring characters like Reki from SK8 The Infinity and Allen from D. Gray Man and Kei Tsukishima from Haikyu! !.

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Uta made her movie debut with the tale of One Piecein Film red. The story sees Monkey D. Luffy and the other Straw Hat Pirates traveling to the Island of Music, where they encounter the singer. She is quickly revealed to be a former close friend of Luffy and also the estranged daughter of the famous Red-Haired Shanks. While Uta wants to conquer suffering and pain with the power of music, her actual plan shares similarity to the two of Naruto‘s most iconic villains.

Cosplayers Love One Piece’s Uta

Despite opposing the Straw Hat Pirates in most of Film Redshe is a popular character and is the source of inspiration for many cosplays. Beyond Tsukiki Ichinose’s stunning model, one cosplayer has brought Uta’s Film Red jacket to life, and another fan created a breathtaking Uta cosplay prior to the film having launched.

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Film Reddebuted in Japan in August and in a variety of Western markets earlier in the month. The film has already proven itself as a major box-office hit. It was Japan’s most successful film in 2022, with an estimated 18 billion yen ($180 million). Film Red has risen to the top of the charts and is currently one of Japan’s most lucrative films. The film is part of anime icons such as Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle, as well as Spirited Away.

One Piece Film: Redis currently playing in theaters.

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