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Demon Slayer Season 3: Why Two Major Characters Are Missing

The two characters that are adored by fans of Demon Slayer will not appear in the next episode of the sword-swinging anime.

The highly anticipated third season won’t feature two of the most loved characters from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu and Yaiba.

According to the Facebook group Daily Dose Of Anime, Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibora will not be appearing in the forthcoming Ufotable anime. Their absence is due to their inability to make an appearance in the ” Swordsmith Village Arch” manga series. Demon Slayer’sSeason 3 covers this portion of the original material. This is the first season without the couple.

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Fans were first introduced to the characters in the first season of the show beginning with the “Final Selection Arc” premiering Zenitsu and the “Tsuzumi Mansion Arc” giving Inosuke his initial screen time. Zenitsu is a timid-haired, orange-robed swordsman. Although he’s generally detrimental to the team, he can perform excellently with a sword after a night of sleep. Inosuke spends most of his time wearing an animal mask and is a reckless wild card who is always seeking an opportunity to engage in a battle. The duo soon formed a trio, along with the protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado, and participated in many battles across the first two seasons, as well as in the film.

Genya Shinazugawa Returns to Season 1

While Zenitsu and Inosuke will not be featured in Season 3. However, there will be a return of another Season 1 character who has not had much screen time: Genya Shinazugawa, introduced in the “Final Selection Arc” where he got into an altercation with Tanjiro. In the following episode, he was briefly featured in “Rehabilitation Training Ark” where he defeated the protagonist. Together with Mist Hashira MuichiroTokito and Love Hashira Mitsurikanroji, the trio will have an important role in Season 3.

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Demon Slayer Follows a young man who lost his family members to the demons that are the main antagonists. He sets out on a quest for Nezuko to rescue him, who is the only one to survive and has become undead. He joins the Demon Slayer Corps to hunt for demons and fight against the terrifying Muzan Kibutsuji.

The upcoming “Swordsmith Village Arc” is scheduled to include 11 episodes, with the initial hour-long series airing in theaters today, as well as an edited version of the closing two chapters from the previous season, namely the “Entertainment District Arc.” Season 3 will drop on Crunchyroll on April 9, 2023.

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