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Debunking the Myth: The Validity of Minato’s Sage Mode in Naruto

Minato’s Sage Mode is controversial because it contains many plot holes. There’s a good reason Minato can use it.

Naruto has many plot holes, despite being a great shonen film. One of these is Minato’s ability to use Sage Mode while fighting, despite having never received training in Mount Myoboku. Minato dies shortly after activating his ability, despite the risk to his family’s safety. Minato doesn’t use Sage Mode in his fight against Obito, Kurama, or Kurama. He knew that Sage Mode would help him win the battle. Sage Mode takes many years to learn while training at Mount Myoboku. This is confusing enough. Minato could be spending too much time there due to his ongoing studies and the ongoing war.

Minato’s final act of self-sacrifice ends in tragedy when he seals half of Kurama’s chakra inside himself and half within Naruto with the Death Reaper Jutsu. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, however, Minato suddenly uses Sage Mode with perfect results, something not even Jiraya was able to do. Despite the confusion surrounding the plot, Minato was able to use Sage Mode. Minato didn’t have this ability while he was alive. But, in his reanimated body it’s a completely different story.

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How does Minato’s Sage Mode Work

Minato has a large chakra reserve and can use the Senjutsu of Mount Myoboku. This allows him to further enhance his techniques by entering Sage Mode. Because of his excellent control over the chakra, Minato can display the orange pigmentation around the eyes that gives him the appearance and power of a Sage. Minato acknowledges that it takes him too much time to build up the chakra needed to enter Sage Mode. Therefore, he hasn’t used Sage Jutsu in battle. He’s also not able to keep the form for long.

Why is Minato not using Sage Mode Against Obito and Kurama?

Minato is trapped as a Hokage and father. The attack on the Leaf Village is brutal. He must not only defend the village against the Nine-Tailed Beast, but also his wife (Obito) and son. He even has to be separated from Kushina, the defenseless Kushina already at death’s doorstep. Minato is unable to find enough time to adjust his chakra to enter Sage Mode. Minato’s situation is one that Minato wouldn’t want to drag out the fight too much. Instead of trying to get everything done as quickly as possible. Minato could have defeated Obito, but for Hashirama’s cells within Obito.

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How is Minato able to use perfect Sage Mode in War?

Minato’s fourth great Ninja War is when he is reanimated using White Zetsu to make a sacrifice. White Zetsu’s cells give Minato life and some of the first Hokages’ abilities. Madara can use Sage Jutsu, even though he never tried the art. Minato is now able to transcend the limits of mere mortality, and can even enter Sage Mode with efficiency after completing the Reanimation Jutsu.

Minato is finding it difficult to maintain Sage Mode during prolonged battles, despite all the health benefits. Sage Mode is still the best way to severely injure Madara, Obito, and their ten-tail Jinchuuriki modes. Minato’s appearance is much more natural than Jiraya’s in Sage Mode. But, Minato isn’t as skilled at Sage Mode as Naruto, Hashirama, or Naruto.

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