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Romantic Tension in OPM? Saitama, Tornado, and Blizzard May Enter a Love Triangle

One-Punchman Hints at Transformations in Saitama & Tornado’s Relationship

Tornado’s anguish continues in One Punch Man. Her relationship with Saitama seems to be moving in an interesting direction.

The next contains spoilers for One Punch Man Section 177, “Eye Witnesses”, by One. Yusuke Muta, John Werry, James Gaubatz.

Some recent developments have caught one-punch man‘s fans off-guard. Fans can still feel the adrenaline of the action-packed matches as the series moves on from its epic “Monster Association arc”. Tsukuyomi was introduced by the franchise. It also seems to have laid the foundations for a Love Triangle between Saitama/the Psychic Sisters Blizzard/Tornado.

Tornado is informed that Tsukuyomi wants to find the Pyschos who was the Monster Association’s executive director. Blizzard and Tornado devise a scheme to get the psychic out. Blizzard happens to stumble upon Saitama as she travels to the new headquarters. That is all that is needed to bring Saitama into the equation. ultimately leads to Tsukuyomi’s clash with Tornado. Tornado isn’t satisfied with her anger. Tornado turns her attention to Blizzard Bunch and the spy who entered their ranks. Saitama arrives just as she is about for them to taste her wrath.

Terrible Tornado Unleashes Terrible Powers over Saitama

Saitama takes Tornado to the outside, after seeing that Tornado’s rampage was destroying the new headquarters. However, doing so doesn’t reduce Tornado’s anger. It only makes Tornado more anxious. Realizing that the bald hero won’t let go, she throws Saitama out of the window and even knocks him to his knees, but the latter holds on tight. Saitama allows Tornado to run, but only after Tornado has gone.

Tornado continues its fury even after he lets her go. She flicks Saitama’s massive forehead, sending it flying. She then summons her trademark tornado to whip up huge rocks and send him flying toward BaldCape. With Saitama’s great strength, they deflect the rocks quickly, but Tornado continues pounding him with debris. Saitama is also losing his temper. He still manages to smile at the psychic and not fight back.

Terrible Tornado Was Wrong. But, she seems to be enjoying the fight

Tornado is not happy that Saitama has her. 2 Hero’s biggest problem is the Bald Capes’ relationship with her sister. She believes Saitama has fallen in love, and she even asks Blizzard whether he is still crushing on her since he refuses to let go of her wrist. This is not the case. Saitama considers Blizzard an acquaintance. This means that he doesn’t see her as a close friend. However, the Tornado is not a fool and will continue to fight for what she believes.

Tornado’s constant rage and barrages of attacks cause Tornado to occasionally let her emotions run wild, even though she’s not usually known for being expressive. Tornado is the one-punch man’s most powerful character. Only a handful of characters can keep her going. In this respect, she is similar to Saitama. She appears to be having fun as she fights the bald man. Even the exchanges between the two seem more like a fight between five-year-olds. It is unlikely that the two will become best of friends following the fight. They seem to be more in touch as best friends and less as romantic partners at this point. Future developments of are the only way to know where their relationship will lead.

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