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Video Shows Incredibly Realistic Last of Us Clicker Cake Getting Cut

The Last of Us fan, a cake decorator, displays more of his astonishing and almost disturbingly accurate cake inspired by the series Clickers.

A fan made this incredible and realistic Clicker Cake. One of The Latest of Us‘special infected species, the Clickers is one of the most famous enemies in the series. They have been the subject of many fan projects over time, some of which were impressive and surprisingly realistic. However, they were almost all not edible.

The Last of Us first launched in 2013 on PlayStation 3. In 2020, Last, of Us, Part 2 followed it. A remake was planned for 2022. Five episodes into the first season, The Last of Us was also adapted by HBO. The series takes place after a mutant Cordyceps-fungus strain infects humans and makes them zombie-like. Strangely enough, the fungus spores infected humans via contaminated flour.

Ben Cullen, also known by the backing and Instagram, has created a striking cake based On The Last of Us’ Viewers. Cullen has previously uploaded a video that shows how he assembles an edible version of one of Deadliest Monsters. Cullen has uploaded a second video, where he shows how to cut the pastry into slices, and what it looks like inside.

Cullen theatrically stabs the Last of Us fanart with a kitchen knife. Cullen follows up, before cutting a good-sized chunk of artificial flesh. Cullen then holds Cullen the Clicker wedge, showing how the multi-layered cake is in its cranium. He turns it upside down to allow viewers to see the fine details in the Clicker’s “flower” and its jaw.

One might not realize they were looking into a cake if they only watched the second video. Cullen starts cutting. At first glance, it appears more like a Hollywood-quality mascot of one ‘clickers than something that someone could eat. It is, however, a very brave Last of Us user who would put this amazing cake in their mouth, according to most of the TikTok comments. Although that would be offensive for most cakes it seems this one is successful.

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