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Blast from the Past: Unearthed 1999 Nintendo Photo Depicts Real-Life Wrestling Showdown between Mario and Pikachu

Fans and archivists have discovered strange photos from a 1999 Nintendo event featuring Mario, Pikachu, and many more in a wrestling match.

In a series of photos from 1999, Nintendo hosts a real wrestling match that features Mario, Pikachu, and others. The event promoted Super Smash Bros in 1999. The wiki site, which is dedicated to the preservation of lost media, has photos and details of this wrestling match.

The 1999 Super Smash Bros was an online fighting game. It featured different characters taken from Nintendo titles. The game saw multiple sequels, with 2018’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate featuring over 70 characters.

Smash Bros has been a beat ‘em up so Nintendo thought it only right to organize a live WWE show that featured the mascots Pikachu Mario Donkey Kong and Yoshi. Official details and photos are not known, but Lost Media Wiki (LMW), and fans, managed to get information. The 1999 Nintendo event was called Slamfest 99, and it was a promotional show for Super Smash Bros. The event occurred at the MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. The match was 17 mins long and was live-streamed through Real Player G2. However, there isn’t any video footage online, other than YouTube commentary videos. LMW was able to find images taken by Ed Espinoza, which were uploaded on Zelda 64 Planet.

LMW’s Comment section seems to have some fans helping to find more information on Slamfest ’99. One user pointed out that KCL Productions was responsible for the costumes. Many seem focused on finding footage of the 17-minute match.

Nintendo has yet not held a similar event, where Super Smash Brosmascots engage in wrestling. However, the franchise continues to host exciting esports tournaments. Slamfest ’99 was rediscovered online by Nintendo. The videogame company may consider bringing Slamfest Back in some manner. This could be when the next Super Smash Bros game or a future Nintendo Direct.

Players have been enjoying Super Smash Bros Ultimate in various ways, from memes to entertaining mods, to comparing Rihanna’s Super Bowl stage with a Smash Brosarena.

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